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Protecting From Malware

How to Protect From Malware

In this series of blogs, we will cover protecting from malware. We’ll start by discussing the malware infection which can be created by many software programs like the spyware or the virus.

The high percentage of internet users suffering from the threat of malware is indeed alarming. However, this should not really concern us since we are aware of the danger of malware. After all, they are our software applications installed on our computers to make our day-to-day activities more convenient.

They come as one of the many threats that malicious software can create. The malware infection will cause a number of complications and also can cause much damage if not taken care of in time. The threat will become apparent once the infection is evident.

There are a number of high-risk targets for malware infections.

We will list some of them below.

Office documents – Most office documents are important files. Moreover, it is common for people to upload their documents to websites such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

Personal computers – We will also have to take notice of our computer’s hardware because it could be at high risk to get infected. We know that an average laptop can hold more than 30GB of data and files.

Computers that are used for business or home work – At this point, we will be concerned about documents, pictures, videos, important information, music, software and other files that are stored on our computer hard disk. We will also be looking into the possibility of being attacked by hackers who are after these documents and files.

Computer networks – There are instances where confidential information has been leaked to many computers, networks and servers that resulted in the compromise of computer security. It can be said that the people involved with these cases can be considered to be the high risk targets in this category.

We need to realize that there are various threats which can be managed when we have equipped ourselves with adequate protection. As a matter of fact, malware infection is a relatively easy threat to handle and the sooner we are aware of it, the better.

A number of tools are available online that we can use for malware protection. These tools include the MalwareBytes, The Sable Suite, and Sasser.

There are different ways to fight these threats, but for us who have been targeted by these threats, we should not be satisfied with just making use of the normal anti-virus protection tools.

  • We should make use of the malware removal tools that are available online.
  • As long as we take the right action and make use of these tools for malware protection, the threats will soon become a thing of the past.
  • So next time you think of taking precautions, you should think first of the consequences and take the appropriate action.