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In order to understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), one must first understand what it is. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, basically is the process of improving a web site to improve the likelihood that it will rank highly in the search engines for specific keywords. All else being equal, a site that is optimized will be seen as more relevant to the query. This isn’t necessarily because the Optimized site is of higher design quality or is more useful than its competitors, but instead… Because the search engine believes the site to be more relevant to the query.

There are many methods used in search engine optimization, and most are interrelated. However, some of the most common methods are divided into two distinct categories. There are actually two separate strategies which can be used in search engine results, and while many people consider them to be one and the same, they are really very different. The two strategies include the use of meta-tags and title tags.

Meta-tags are extremely important in search engine optimization, since they tell the search engine what the page is about. For example, meta description tags can tell the search engine what the page is about, and how relevant the page is to the keyword being searched for. Web designers and developers then use these tags in the on-page content. This includes such things as page titles, meta tags, and keywords used within the text.

Title tags provide a second level of relevance to a webpage. Search engines also commonly use meta keywords tags to provide additional information about a site. In fact, web designers and developers use both tags when developing a website. It’s important to note, however, that search engine optimization and ranking are two separate concepts. While it is entirely possible to rank high with one method, ranking high with both is nearly impossible.

Therefore, SEO and ranking are not one and the same.

On the one hand, on-page optimization is all about increasing web traffic and improving the website’s on-page search engine traffic ranking. However, on-page optimization does not encompass the use of keywords or backlinks. Therefore, ranking high in search engine traffic rankings requires both off-page optimization and on-page optimization, although not at the same time.

A new form of internet marketing known as social media is exploding with websites that are offering social media marketing consulting services. These companies are experts in creating business profiles, content, and videos that spark interest from prospective customers and attract repeat customers. Social media marketing consulting services also include SEO content creation, link building, blogging, social bookmarking, video creation, viral marketing, and white hat internet marketing. Because the process involves engaging in conversations with customers, businesses that specialize in this type of internet marketing are very knowledgeable about the techniques that work best for them.

One aspect of SEO is the meta description.

The meta-description, which appears at the beginning of the website address, describes the nature of the website. For example, meta-description for a travel website would state, “Provides travel information via reviews, maps, trip planning, etc…” In the example above, the meta-description refers to the nature of the travel company, so its purpose is to optimize the search engine rankings. Determining what the meta description should look like is part of the process for SEO, and many specialists offer their expertise through email or phone.

Another crucial component of Search Engine Optimization is search-engine rankings. Rankings are determined by using different criteria.

  • Most search engines look at the volume of links provided for a page and the keywords used within the meta description and headings.
  • These factors are combined to determine rankings, and each SEO firm has its own method for evaluating search terms and pages to determine rankings.
  • Therefore, when considering which SEO firm to use, it is important to ask whether they offer a full evaluation of your current search terms and pages to ensure you are getting the best SEO optimization service possible.