• Managed WiFi
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    Will Managed Wi-fi Ever Rule the World?

    Managed WiFi service is a business option, which allows an enterprise to outsource the various tasks involved in setting up, securing, maintaining, managing, configuring and/or updating a wired network to a third-party service provider. These services typically offer the following services: wireless connectivity for desktops, laptops and tablet computers; secure wireless internet access; remote management of company network information; access to the company’s intranet; and backup or restoration of company data. Companies have a wide variety of options when choosing a managed WiFi solution. Some of these companies may provide their customers with complete customization of the managed solution while some companies offer only parts of customized solutions. Since all…

  • VoIP Business Services
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    Why You Should Invest In VoIP

    VoIP Business Services is a converged network that offers integrated unified communications protocol over the same network for businesses. It offers hosted IP telephone services, IP converged communications, IP unified communications, IP conferencing and other advanced features including call recording, instant messaging, file sharing, web browsing, and video conferencing all in a single place. Businesses get unified communications services with converged network and unified communications gateway. With this VoIP Business Services providers can easily and affordably incorporate unified communications solutions for their business needs. As VoIP converged communications gateway offers converged IP telephone services, voice and video calling, unified communications and other advanced features, these services are highly useful for…

  • Outlook Email Client
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    Microsoft Outlook is a popular and widely used business platform

    Outlook is an email client and a tool for managing and coordinating the mail among an enterprise’s employees, departments, and clients. It is a versatile tool that can be used to access email, calendars, contacts, messages, and any other item or file that an email account can handle. Microsoft Outlook also provides support for mail, calendaring, task lists, mobile device management, and mobile web access. Many small businesses and home users are already familiar with Microsoft Outlook, but have not yet been completely trained on how to use it. This lack of knowledge can lead to expensive IT support and maintenance costs. A Microsoft Outlook Professional can help your business…

  • VoIP Communication
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    The simple meaning of VoIP simply is “Voice over internet protocol.”

    VoIP is simply the technology that converts your human voice to a digitally encoded signal and then transmitting that signal over an IP network, enabling you to make a telephone call directly from your computer, a VoIP enabled phone, or any other portable data-driven device. In short, VoIP can be thought of as being the technology which allows you to be able to make telephone calls over your broadband Internet connection. This service has now expanded to the consumer marketplace, enabling consumers to utilize their mobile phones and even their laptops, mobile devices, along with landlines and Internet lines to make telephone calls. This new offering enables people to be…

  • VoIP Phone Services
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    What is VoIP?

    VoIP Phones, also known as IP telephones, is telecommunications equipment that converts voice communications transmitted over IP networks, including the Internet, into digital packets (data) for later transmission over a conventional telephone network. VoIP is also called IP telephony, internet telephony, broadband telephony, VoBB (Voice Over BroadBand), broadband phone, VOX (Voice Over Internet Protocol), broadband phone, PCoIP (Real-time Internet Protocol), or even just plain old phone. A VoIP telephone or IP telephone use voice over IP technology for placing and transferring telephone calls over an IP network, including the Internet. Voice calls can be made and received directly over the network, or they can be transmitted over an IP network…

  • A-I-robot
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    IT Support Basics – Which Technical Support Level Should You Employ?

    IT support refers to various services which entities offer to end users of different technologies products or services. In simple terms, IT support simply provides assistance regarding specific issues with a particular product or service, and not providing training, distribution, modification, or other support services to customers. There are companies who offer IT support services to corporate clients as well as individuals. A number of organizations provide IT support to both customers and corporations. In most cases, IT support is provided by service providers who have a strong networking background and expertise. It is very important to hire qualified technical support personnel. A qualification in this field should include at…

  • IT Support Technician
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    Finding IT Support For Business

    There are a number of ways to find IT support for business, and for the most part it’s the same as it is for any business. There are often perks offered, sometimes free, and other times a minimal charge for use of the system and service. Whether you are running a single office or a large chain of offices, you will find that the additional staff is needed in many business locations. A few of the things that you may need are: Keep in mind that support staff are often required to do more than one thing. They are required to oversee aspects of your business that you may not…

  • artificial intelligence concept (2)
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    Future of Artificial Intelligence

    AI Shaping Our Future This is a future where all the jobs that are done today will be done by robots. In the past, this seemed like a dream or even science fiction, but now it’s a future that seems very real. And the success of AI is helping to shape the future of artificial intelligence. So what are the questions that this future poses for human beings? How can the world’s economies change and how will the role of humans change? What are the ethical dilemmas in the future of artificial intelligence? The long-term future of artificial intelligence is being written today, as we speak. AI’s success may determine…

  • computer repair tech
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    Building a Computer is Easy

    Steps to Building a Computer Building a computer is easy and quick, if you know the right steps. As long as you follow the right procedures, your computer will be up and running in no time. You should learn these important steps when building a computer. First, you need to format your hard drive. The data on your hard drive can get corrupt and corrupting it can make it faster again. If you are formatting your hard drive, you can remove some of the information that your hard drive contains. This is also how you get free space. Then you need to back up your hard drive before you delete…

  • data backup
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    Why Do You Need a Data Backup Solution?

    The Importance of Data Backup All businesses have a good reason to keep a copy of all their business files, data and information on a server. Sometimes when an incident occurs the only option is to bring everything back up to date, for this, a file and data backup are often the best option. This is especially true if you have employees or customers who work onsite that have access to this data, it’s a critical asset. A disaster can happen at any time and most businesses have plans in place to handle it. The question is; how do you know if the plan is adequate? The first step is…